Research is a systematic investigation of data to establish facts solve existing problems, new problems, prove new ideas and to also develop new theories. We have different kinds of research but they are all researches. There is scientific research which relies on application of scientific method, there is artistic research which is practical and takes the form of artwork and finally there is historical research that is assisted by primary sources and evidence from other investigated materials.

All these researches are done to prove the existence of theories and facts, but is there really hope for doing perfect research and clear all doubts in people’s minds? In this paper we agree that there is no hope of perfect research because we gradually gain knowledge on the basis of trial and error, which indeed is research itself, you err on something and that when you learn that indeed it wasn’t correct, so narrows us down to the fact that research had not been perfect.

If at all researches were perfect then we could not have research itself because nothing would have been researched on, the reason researches are done is to outdo some theory that was imperfect and that’s where we improve on the quality of information that was on a certain research but still that doesn’t necessarily mean that the research will be perfect.

Once you engage with some type of research, you have to do it on continuous basis, and then you can reach some type of perfection, though complete perfection is not possible. Research only opens up the avenues for more research and it is a continuous process. If our researches were perfect then our scientists would stop searching for better medicines that will cure our imperfections. There are reasons we are saying these and one of those is the need of our systems to innovate. As what Baregheh et al. (2009) defined innovation as, they said
”Innovation is the multi-stage process whereby organizations transform ideas into new/improved products, service or processes, in order to advance, compete and differentiate themselves successfully in their marketplace.” This only means that innovation is a part of advancement of human knowledge and thus caused by wide research. Why do we need to innovate? It is simply because of the word satisfaction. It is because humans not to be satisfied with the things around them which means there is no research that has made them satisfied to stop researching for perfection.

For example Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a wonder drug targeting viruses that have up until this time had no cure. The drug can only kill 15 viruses for now, which they still need to do more polishing and maybe in some years something new will come up deeming the current one as a pilot  cure, we need to advance so there is no single time that we will all rest and say.” I am always in search of revelations and discoveries taking place in the fields of knowledge. I’m particularly interested in political theory, western political philosophy, environmental issues, peace and conflict studies, sustainable development, Canadian federal structure and related things. Here, I just want to share with all of you my findings and reviews” Sunita2409 says it all, she is in search of discoveries which now brings us to the light that there is no single day that we will sit back and say that all researches are perfect, because we are out to discover more and try to perfect whatever we have on the table already and whatever theory that we have is the basis of new research and a new theory.

A research on birth control pills has been a tough one, researches have been done on the best pills but still there are so many pills but all for the same purpose, they all have side effects, we all hope for pills that have no side effects but this is the 21st century but still the effects are experienced, that means the researches done are not perfect since they should be able to prevent the side effects, and this leads to the same question will there ever be perfect research?

As of now a new research in “The journal of sexual medicine” shows that birth control pills could cause long-term problems with testosterone, why should we have the could be and should be s in research in this 21st century, that means they are not even certain and this gives us even more proof that there is no hope for perfect research, despite  women taking charge of their lives and demanding that the government do more on the pills ,we still get the same standards of pills, as (Elaine Tyler may , 2010’America + the pill’) tells us. We also realize that the same birth control pill may also cause breast cancer among the young women who use them before getting children, why do we have all this loopholes while researches are supposed to be reducing risks in our livelihoods?

Another research is a research on our diets; we have so many nutritionists giving us so many crush diets on how to lose weight or how to gain weight. Why do we have different diets if they all serve the same purpose? But they live not to serve the purpose. Other researchers say that we should avoid proteins, carbohydrates in the diet to avoid getting fat but we all know from our primary school days that we need these groups in our diet to live a healthy life. That means there is no perfection in these studies as much as the researchers may be learned and they are all on a platform for trial and error. Low-carbohydrate diets became a major weight loss and health maintenance trend during the late 1990s and early 2000s.While their popularity has waned recently from its peak, they remain popular.

This diet trend has stirred major controversies in the medical and nutritional sciences communities and, as yet, there is not a general consensus on their efficacy or safety. As of 2008 the majority of the medical community remains generally opposed to these diets for long term health although there has been a recent softening of this opposition by some organizations. And we ask, why all these controversies for almost a decade? They are all doctors, we all go to doctors for advice concerning our diet and health, this now supports the saying that we totally have no hope of better research in the near future because all this are researches that have been done but they are still creating rift amongst different scholars.


As we think of this researches   we are in a race where we are all trying to prove the best of researches, research has become undeniably indispensable and essential for advancement in many fields. It has produced a lot of useful innovations in science and technology, and in all other fields. Since it has become a great deal for humankind to produce knowledge, it has been a constant aspiration for us to enhance methods or processes of research. Although research results may appear promising, nevertheless, their reliability or validity has always been threatened with the presence of errors and biases in the study. Aside from these errors that threaten the reliability or validity of the results, biases also affect the results of the research study. Thus, it has been argued that there is no hope of doing a perfect research.

It is so evident from the above research findings that there cannot be any research that could be regarded as perfect in this world, personally that is my opinion. It is obvious that my opinion stands for the quote by Griffiths. However this may differ with persons. Certain things could be understood better by experimenting rather than seeking an explanation, but still even if they research there is still bound to fall on the trial and error platform.



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