South Asia

South Asia
Geography is an essential discipline that enables people to understand the earth. Geography helps explain the different activities happening around the world. This subject provides an understanding of topics such as culture, politics, natural environment as well as economic development in the world. An analysis of New York Times News article will be done in this paper to help answer questions relating to geography.
Economic development is an international issue in South Asia. Geography plays a role in this as it helps people know regions in the world that are developing. Bajaj in New York Times comments on the way china is reshaping South Asia. Geography plays a role in explaining the region and its neighboring locations. The article provides information relating to readings in class (Bajaj).
In class, there have been readings concerning geographical topics and regions. The New York Times news by Bajaj discusses on economic trade, and regions such as China, Pakistan and Bangladesh among other. In addition, the article provides discussions on a range of traditions and topics covered in geography.
Bajaj in the New York Times news discusses a wide range of geographical traditions and topics. The article provides information on regions and earth science. The article has photos of the planet including the port built by china. The article also discusses on relationship between India and China and their way of doing business. Climatic change issue is part of the discussion in New York Times article. Information from the article also relates a citizen in the global world.
The article has educating information concerning what is happening in the global environment. It also updates the global citizens on current issues in the economy from different regions. Reading each article has contributed to new knowledge (Bajaj).
From the New York Times news article, I have learnt that though India and China have been expanding their economy at an alarming rate. Even through the countries have tense relations; they have had successful business partnership (Bajaj).
New York Times news article has included a map and photos in its analysis. There is a map showing regions in china. There are also photos on port facility and the ocean (Bajaj).

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