Organizational Behavior

Organizations have been adopting programs that enhance performance of corporate organization and has been increase in most organization which are aimed at changing the attitude and behaviors of employees. However, the process of improving and changing the mind set and the behaviors among employees and it is a difficult process to initiate and carry out.  The success of the process depends on the effort persuading employees to change their mind set and change their way of performing tasks assigned. People have to be persuaded to transform and think positively and different about their job positions.  This call for C.E.Os   and managers to change the mind –set of other employees in the workplace which is not always an easy task (Herold, Fedor & Caldwell, 2007, p. 942).

Managers need to change the behaviors and mind-set of employees by adjusting their routine and change and adopt to new ways in their existing attitude in order to achieve and reach set goals.  For instance, an organization can encourage employees to come up with new ways of reducing wastage which eventually reduce the cost of operation. Another viable example that can be adopted is to form a relationship with scholars to enhance innovativeness in such organizations.

There are several process that can adopted to ease the process of changing the behavior and attitude. The first process is informing and of their purposes in the organization, thus they will be willing to change their attitude and behaviors and work towards the purpose. However, for people to change they need to be comfortable with the change putting into consideration the it is difficult to convince employees to carry out thing and tasks different in the organization (Herold, Fedor & Caldwell, 2007, p. 942)..




Changing the attitude and behavior among employees in an organization is always not easy because people have to adopt into new ways of doing task.There is a need to develop persuasive programs to encourage employees to change their attitude and behavior.









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