Organizational Behavior

Organization that are aimed at making the leadership and the decision making process should introduce a team work program among staffs and shift from the work program.  The process of introducing the program among workers is not easy in the short run; however, the benefits that are realized through teamwork include increased efficiency and productivity among workers. Top management staffs have the initiative developing a teamwork concept in the organization for the purposes of full cooperation, easy way of making decision and to ensure that every employee is involved in all activities of the organization.  The process of making decision in the organization becomes easy through the team approach program.

Managers and employees should agree on the team work program and the organization should create employee commitment and loyalty. The organization should evaluate critically the current status of their system and come up with formal and informal rules and regulation that will effect the success of the team program among employees. Subsequently, the cooperation among the members of staffs replace the competition between members of the staff and direct the competition towards other organization that compete with them. The flows of ideas in the organization will be efficient making the process of decision making easy as a result of cooperation from the top to the lower member of the staffs.

The organization should conduct extensive training to avoid the misconception that may arise among worker on the concept of team approach as a threat to their job security. The organization should present the idea as a beneficial to them personally and the organization performance due to the effectiveness in decision making in the organization.




Team approach program is a way of eliminating competition among worker as they havesecurity in the workplace. Team build is another benefit that result from the team approach program. Decision making process in the organization becomes also efficient due to the free flow of information among members of the staff.