Marriage and family based on Soul mates by Thomas Moore






Marriage and family based on Soul mates by Thomas Moore

Marriage and family

According to Thomas Moore, a famous author; love, family and marriage go hand in hand for a person to fully enjoy life. One can feel good while spending a lifetime as dating couples and also married couples. Thomas Moore clearly explains that for two people to finally agree to get married and start a family, they have to e soul mates. This is where two people although different in one way or the other; these two people have a deep connection that makes them only perfect for each other. This is the result of good families built on good relationship foundation.

Finding a soul mate is such an easy activity. Most people however think that the perfect soul mate for a person often take a much longer time to manifest. This is because most believe that their soul mates are this perfect person that is yet to come and many people spend a lot of time waiting for their soul mates to come.

This often takes a lifetime or a short time depending with the ability of a person to attract the significant soul mate. Many people find their soul mates in the long term friends they have always had or new people who they meet in the streets. Thomas Moore has described in details that for a person to really know a soul mate, one looks deeply into the eyes, the way the hands hold another person, the way the voice changes when they talk and also the way they glimmer when one is near them.

It has been discovered that the eyes are the windows to a person’s soul. The eyes look deep beneath the surface of the physical body. A family is made better when two people come together and respect each other’s beliefs and ambitions. For a family to grow healthy in a relationship, both the wife and the husband should be able to accommodate each other in the day to day activity such as going to work, spending some times with friends and also having some time to spend alone. A soul mate that finally leads to marriage is that person that you are often comfortable when you are with them. A soul mate is that person that makes you feel the deep sense of unshakable sweetness that you always want to be with them.

A married couple can achieve great romantic satisfaction when they trust each other and respect one another. Here people often think that it is not possible to get married to their soul mates. A soul mate can be a person you spent many or few years loving and respecting but then you are no longer together. This happens mostly when two people begin to have problems and conclude that they are not meant to be together.

When such people meet after a long time and the spark they had way back then resurfaces, then they are meant to be together. Thomas Moore believes that somewhere in this world there every one has a soul mate. It is good to know that soul mates do not have to posses the same character; in fact, it has been discovered through a lot of observations that people with same character often make each other uncomfortable because they all want to do the same thing at the same time.

Having a soul mate who loves to do different things is exciting because a person gets to learn new things in life that a person never thought would ever experience. This is such a mind changing experience that puts a person in a new level where a person gets out of their comfort zones and accommodate their soul mates in their hearts. It has also been said that the heart always knows the right from the wrong.

People who live according to their hearts desires are the type of people that enjoy life and love spending time with their soul mates. A couple find ultimate satisfaction in  A couple can withstand all the problems associated with marriage in the sense that, when a people find their soul mates, they try to understand each other and focus on the things that make them both happy. Thomas Moore explains that to attract your soul mate, you should treat yourself with so much respect, care and also love yourself so that a potential soul mate will treat you exactly how you want to be treated. Those people who are negative in life get soul mates that are also negative about everything.

When a person puts positive energy towards one’s marriage and also family, a person will find that only good things happen. These are the things that make most people stick in marriage for such a long time because it is such a tremendous experience a person would love to have for ever. It is so common to find that there are people in life who make a person’s life have a lot of difficulties. That is why some people have a lot more enemies than friends. Thomas Moore in the book Soul Mates says that even those who make a person’s life have a lot of sadness and sorrows have a lesson to teach in life. A person is supposed to learn from the bad situations in life and derive something good from them.

Life has so much to offer than just money. Happiness is brought about by a stable family and an exciting marriage. People who finally marry their soul mates live a life full of success and also happiness. It is a person’s will to attract good things in life and people do this by doing the things that make them happy. It is not possible to demand the kind of relationships, marriages or even families that are in the movies but people have the potential to create wonderful marriages and families. People also have a free will to make or create their soul mates in the people they already know without necessarily waiting for a soul mate to come one’s way in the future. Couples who are soul mates have good marriages and their connection is important to the “soul that many have said there is nothing more precious in life.” (Thomas 1994).




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