Marketing a nonprofit – virtual opportunities

Marketing a nonprofit – virtual opportunities


It is important for organisations to maintain a website;whether it is business related or not. Organisational websites come with a number of benefits to the organisation. It is also vital to ensure that the website is updated regularly with respect to the current happenings in the organisation. For the case of the New Wave Chance youth club, having an organisational websites have a number of benefits as outlined below (Eager and McCall, 1999). The benefits of having a website for the youth club are outlined below.

  1. The launching of the website will accelerate its process of reaching out to potential sponsors and well wishers for their intended project.The website will offer avenues for gathering information; presently, many internet users prefer use of online sources of information compared to the traditional methods such as yellow pages.
  2. The website for the youth club will provide a communication platform between the club and its target audience in terms of people iinterested in its undertakings. The club’s website can be designed to support online communication facilities such as online email, use of interactive questionare and forums; which offer good avenues for collecting web site visitor demographics and feedback (Zimmerer et al, 2008).
  • The website will also facilitate the stream liining of the club’s operations. It will offer an effective platform for passing on the club’s information such as news, announcements, technical information and necessary user guides. This can be published on the web site and will save the company’s expenses that would have been incurred undertaking of the above operations (Zimmerer et al, 2008). The website can be designed such that the visitors can be actively involved in the club’s activities on an online basis.


For the website to be beneficial to the youth club, it should be able to meet the requirements of the individuals who visit the website (Walter et al, 2006). The web site should have the capacity to handle the numerous donation requests. One way of achieving this is to ensure that the web site has the capability top process secure and legitimate online transactions so as to handle donations that are in monetary form (Eager and McCall, 1999). For the case of material donations, the website can be designed so as to categorize the donations according to type and will be required to inquire about the delivery procedures that the well wishers will prefer to use. If need be, it can employ the use of tracking agents that monitor the delivery. The website will facilitate the organisation of the requests through providing facilities for recording personal details of the well wishers and keeping track of the donations and supplies.


In order to ensure success of the web site in the realisation of the club’s goals, it should be designed in such a way it looks appealing to the target audience; it should be able to capture the visotors needs (Etemad, 2004). There are various strategies towards realisation of these: the website should use interactive avenues that facilitate feedback with the users, this can be implemented through inclusion of email options, blogs , live support services and the use interactive interfaces that will facilitate the visitor’s online interaction with the web site and help in recording demographics, the website should also give the visitors tha ability to track their online interaction with the website and the use of other hyperlimks that provide visitors with more information. The web page organisation should be simple in design to facilitate navigation through the web page(Walter et al, 2006).
















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