Invest in education now, and have a bright future

Invest in education now, and have a bright future
A speech for the governor
Ladies and gentlemen, we all know that education is the way to achieve economic growth. In the recent past, we have experience shortage of work force. This has been contributed by the shortage of funds to support our university. Arizona has the best universities that offer quality education and skills. I believe this can be improved if there are more funds to support research and development in education. My opponents in the legislature think that the State should not fund education at all. I believe this is not the case. Education is a pillar of economic growth of any country.
Investing in education will help improve skills of the workforce. This will lead to efficient workers in our state. I believe that efficient workers will lead to increased productivity and less wastage of resources in the companies. This will mean more income in the companies as well as the state. I am proposing that the State should invest more funds in education. This will not only help our State today but will develop minds for the future. More funds will help in hiring professional instructors in the universities. Funds will also be used for research and development as well as improving on technology. This way, I believe students will be equipped with quality skills that match the demands in the labor market. However, increasing funding on our universities does not mean that you the taxpayers will have to pay more. I will ensure that the State re-channel the existing tax revenue to this investment.
I would like to disagree with my opponents who think that education is not linked to economic growth. I believe that human capital investment leads to economic growth and prosperity. I hope you agree with me that there is no economic prosperity without improved living standards. This can only be achieved if there is productivity of labor. Education helps improve productivity of labor, in that, workers will be more innovative. Educated people will also build on existing technology that is beneficial in the entire economy. Therefore, I believe investing in education will bring hope to our state for better productivity and economic prosperity.
I also believe that investing in education will yield major returns. University students earn more for their efficiency and innovation. This cannot be compared to salaries earned by high school and diploma graduates. University graduates are also becoming entrepreneurs. This improves their standards of living as well as contributes more revenue for the entire State. We all aspire to see our children becoming high income earners. This can only be achieved if you agree with me that the State should increase its funding for higher education. Arizona citizens should have access to affordable and quality university education.
I believe that the decision to increase funding on higher education will help the entire State of Arizona. I need to take Arizona to higher level in terms of economic growth. I will achieve this by ensuring investment on human capital. Our future will be bright if Arizona citizens are educated. Let us all support this idea in exchange of a bright future.
Thank you.