Firm analysis

Walmart is a retail store with the highest number of employees in the United States. The store has registered sales revenue of around 379 billion US dollars by the year of 2008 (Lichtenstein, 2013, p. 115). In the attempt of improving the service to its customer and reduce the cost of operation, the company has changed and adopted a new method of scheduling its employee to work in shifts.  The company adopted a new method of scheduling workers. The new method of scheduling employees in the company has been criticized by labor union due to effect that are likely to affect the job security of employees.  The new process of scheduling workers sparse in staff and increase the midday rush.

The computerized schedule maximizes the number of part time workers and minimizes the number of employees who are working full time thus lowering the cost of labor in the retail store. As a result the number of working hours is reduced and the time schedule is disrupted. Workers who are unable to work during the night and on the weekends are laid off and replaced by new workers.  Thus the flexible scheduling of workers is a threat to their job security(Lichtenstein, 2013, p. 127).

Both Microsoft and Google are technology giants in the world and compete to dominate technology. Both companies offer the same service such as email accounts, operating systems and marketing services to their client and therefore they must work to outdo each their as the best online and technology provider in the world. Notably, there several areas that they compete. First, both companies produce operating system but the Google operating system is an open system which allow people to develop the OS and application while windows OS is a closed system and can only be customized by Microsoft. Another difference between the two companies is the popularity of the company in email usage and account, Google dominant in email services more than Microsoft (Rienzo& Han, 2009, p. 78).


The flexible schedule in Walmart is a bad move by the company in relation to the job security of employees and should be abolished to enable workers perform to their best without the fear of being laid off. Google and Microsoft are technology giant and their comparison should be based on the need of their client and the level of satisfaction.




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