utilization of an Intravenous Line Lifter Within a Pediatric Oncology Population

Research Critique Term Paper: Instructions

The Term Paper is a 6-8 page critique of one of the articles your instructor has selected.  Your task is to apply your newly acquired knowledge of nursing research and analyze the article you have chosen from the available selection.  The page count does NOT include title page and reference page.

The paper should be written in APA style.  No abstract page is required, however, a title page and reference section are required.  You should organize your paper using headings that correspond with the rubric sections.  Good grammar and spelling are important skills for the professional nurse and both are expected in this document.

The first part of the paper is due at mid-term.  Please see your syllabus for the due date.  This first part will be reviewed by your instructor and detailed comments will be provided within one week of the submission.  You will then be able to revise your paper.  The hope is that you will learn from this initial commentary and will correct your errors.  Your final paper should reflect your corrections and it is expected that you will not make the same errors in the last part of the document.

The rubric is your guide.  It is not meant to be an exhaustive list of what to include in your paper, rather it is a guide to the minimum content that one would expect to see in each of the sections.

Please remember that this is critique.  You are critically appraising the article.  This is an active interpretation and objective assessment of the article in which you identify key concepts, ideas, and justifications.