Corporate Directors and the Board of Directors Influence

Assignment Instructions
Course Objective:
Integrate proper planning and decision-making through careful management of employees,managers, paid staff, volunteers, etc.
Discuss the legal and ethical responsibilities of nonprofit corporate directors and how the board of directors and key stakeholders effect leadership decisions.
Analyze the reasoning behind ethical leadership behavior and its importance in decision-making in the nonprofit enterprise.

Please write an essay describing which nonprofit theory: contract failure theory or government failure theory (or both), explain(s) the existence of a local nonprofit homeless shelter. Hint: Those served by the shelter, unlikely voters, do not have money to pay rent.


Please write a 2-3 page essay to explain and elaborate on each of those points.
Paper must be in APA format
No abstract is required for this paper
You must have a minimum of 4-5 sources (at least 1-2 should be from peer-reviewed sources)
Provide examples to support your analysis of each point
Grading Rubric
A rubric is provided here for your convenience that details how this assignment will be graded. Please review it carefully prior to submitting your work